I’m ready to enroll

Getting to know our program… 

The first step is gathering information. We hope you’ve been able to find plenty of resources on our website, but we are also available for a phone call and happy to chat with you Monday-Friday 9 AM-4 PM to answer any additional questions you have. 

Give us a call at:    828.253.1470


Before enrolling, you’ll want to see if you’re eligible to volunteer with our program. Please find guidelines at the link below.



The enrollment process…

Once you’re ready to start your enrollment process as a Big Brother or Big Sister, you can fill out and submit a volunteer enrollment form at the link below. 

Our staff will contact you for an interview and perform background and reference checks. Applicants are also asked to attend a 90 minutes training session to prepare them for potential match situations.

 Upon acceptance, the volunteer will be matched based on stated preferences with a child between 6-14 years old.