Career Exploration/Job Shadowing

It’s never too early to start talking with your Little about the age-old question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And, one of the best ways to explore your interests is to check out the list of resources below. See the “Resources list.”

A great resource is the College Foundation of North Carolina website. It offers surveys to help you determine your interest areas, information about careers and their earnings/ outlook, and helpful information about getting into and paying for college. The website also offers activities on goal-setting, time management, and planning for high school and college.

JOB SHADOWING: Once you have identified jobs that you are interested in, a great way to learn more is to participate in our Job Shadowing Opportunities program. Below you’ll find a list of job shadowing opportunities with employees in the Asheville area. The shadowing visit would be 1-hour in length. Matches should read “Job Shadowing — Guidelines for Matches” before scheduling a visit.

Camp Director
Festival and Arts Planner
Graphic and Web Design
Human Services with Youth
Non-profit Fund Development
Police Officer
TV and Multimedia