Our Mission

Transforming children’s lives through mentoring and supportive services.

Our Vision

Inspiring children to dream big every day.

What we do

We are working to ensure every child in WNC has an enjoyable, long-term relationship with a caring adult who believes in them and sees their potential. We select and match mentors with children from diverse home environments and provide ongoing activities, training and support services for both families and volunteers to support a successful match relationship and a lasting connection.

When matched with their “Big”, BBBS “Littles” gain a role model, a friend and access to new experiences through which they build higher aspirations of what is possible in their lives. These relationships provide Littles with the support they need to achieve academic improvement, growth in self-confidence and development of life skills, and reward mentors with the experience of being an integral part of that young person’s success.

Over the past thirty-five years, we have served over 14,000 children and believe that in each one there is a special spark that, when provided with inspiration and encouragement, can lead them to become positive, productive citizens of our community and the world.