Safe In-Person Match Contact Guidance

Safety Comes First:

As always, the safety of our Littles and their families and the safety of our mentors is our top

Virtual Interactions Continue to Be Permitted:

Relationships can continue to grow and be meaningful in the absence of in-person contact. Whether virtual or in-person, remember that consistent contact is important.
At this time, in-person interactions are NOT required.
Matches ARE permitted to engage in a blend of virtual and in-person interactions if desired and if it is deemed safe by both parties to do so.

Resuming In-Person Meetings:

  1. If the mentor and their household and the youth and their household have been fully vaccinated, they can resume outings without wearing masks indoors or outdoors. Follow and CDC updates for any changes in recommendations.
  2. Any in-person contact carries a risk for COVID-19 or any illness transmission. A person with no symptoms can be a carrier and infect others. Deciding whether to have in-person contact will be an ongoing personal decision that will change repeatedly depending on updates within the pandemic, contacts with other people, personal wellness, or symptoms day by day. This is a decision that will need to be assessed each time when planning an outing.
  3. Mentors and parents/guardians need to make a thoughtful choice about what is the best for themselves/their child. Members of the match should refrain from placing pressure on each other and must respect each other’s needs and put safety first. They should also consider members of their family and whether in-person meetings will place immunocompromised individuals or individuals with other health concerns at a heightened risk.
  4. Ultimately, being a Big is to be a role model. A mentor’s responsibility is to model healthy behavior, responsible decision making, self-care, and being a rule-abiding and conscientious community member.
  5. Mentors and parents/ guardians should discuss the following and determine comfort level for in-person outings and necessary safety precautions.
    • Has the Big been fully vaccinated? Have members of their household been fully vaccinated?
    • Has the Little been fully vaccinated, if a vaccine is available for their age? Have family members been fully vaccinated?

Reducing Risk:

  1. If either person has not been vaccinated, that person or persons needs to assess their health directly before each outing: Are you feeling achy? Fever or chills? Fatigued? Cough or tightness in chest? Unusual digestive issues? Unknown rash? Before each outing, all parties should do this self-evaluation and discuss with each other to determine if the outing should occur or be a virtual visit instead.
  2. People who are not vaccinated should wear a mask and maintain distance in all indoor public settings and in outdoor settings when they can't maintain six feet of distance. Read more guidance here.
  3. Share with your match if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  4. When you get together, remind each other about rules for the day. How will we help keep each other healthy? Are there any logistics to think through? Plan and discuss your plan with each other.
  5. Wash or sanitize hands frequently – remind each other during the outing.

Acknowledgement & Agreement

I understand I am not obligated to have in-person contact with my match, and that I am expected to continue virtual contact if not having in-person contact. I will make decisions based on what is best for the safety, health, and wellness of each person in my match and our families. I will discuss these considerations in depth with each person in my match and ensure we are all in agreement before proceeding. If I have questions or concerns about how best to do this, or about any of the information listed above or any other concerns related to the BBBS program, I will contact my Match Support Specialist.

I will not hold Big Brothers Big Sisters of Western North Carolina (BBBS of WNC) responsible if I or one of my family members contracts COVID-19 or any illness. I will not hold BBBS of WNC responsible for any damages that may result from contracting an illness.Safe In-Person Match Contact Guidance

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