Enroll a Child

How do I sign my child up for a Big Brother or Big Sister?

Community-based Mentoring Program

Children who are eligible for a mentor in the community-based program are:

  • From a single parent family or lives with relatives or foster parents
  • Between the ages of 6 and 14
  • Both the child and the parent must be interested in participating

*There is no cost to participate in the program.

Call the Big Brothers Big Sisters office in your county to ask about enrolling your child in the community-based program:

Buncombe  253-1470
Burke  430-8357
Haywood  273-3601
Henderson  693-8153
Highlands  526-4044
Polk  859-9230

We will ask for some basic information about your child to ensure that they are eligible for the program. We will thoroughly explain the application process to you and let you know if there is a waiting list (typically, there is a waiting period of several months to one year for boys).

How does my child benefit from having a mentor?

Your child will:

  • benefit by spending time with a caring adult they can talk to
  • enjoy activities that are enriching and FUN experiences
  • gain self-confidence and enhance social skills
  • learn new skills and try new activities

What is my role as a parent or guardian?

Big Brothers Big Sisters works closely with parents and guardians to match every child with the right Big.

Your input about the type of volunteer that is right for your child is very important.

A Match Support Specialist requests your feedback regularly about your child’s friendship with their Big and about how we can best meet the needs of your child.

Bigs and Littles share everyday activities:

  • playing sports
  • reading
  • cooking
  • arts and crafts
  • volunteering
  • local attractions